Roy & Shelley

One of the most important and largest purchases in your lifetime is your home. I could not recommend a better person, builder, and friend as Bob Gardner of Coppertree Homes. His attention to detail, focus on a positive customer experience, follow-up on questions, accessibility, and passion for a flawless home made my family and I secure and unbelievably happy with our purchase.

We have recently relocated and were searching for our new home. The minute we walked though the front door, we fell in love with the home, not really understanding the passion of the person who built it. The attention to detail in every cut of molding, granite countertops, dining room ceiling (you need to see to understand), wood floors, wine cellar (again, need to see to believe), built-in bookshelves and desks, and amazing master bedroom and bath made my wife and I decide that this would be our next home.

The following day we asked our real estate agent to set up a meeting with the builder. Bob met with us on short notice and stayed with us for over an hour even though he had other appointments to attend. He walked us through every detail of the home, not only pointing out the unique items in the home, but items that needed to be corrected. This honest approach and passion for perfection made my wife and I very comfortable that we were purchasing our house from the right person.

Communication between builder and homeowner is very important to us, and as Bob worked on the house between our first meeting and close, he kept us informed on what and when everything was to be completed. He had painters come out and touch up spots that needed work, replaced pieces of wood floors that were scratched, had landscapers come out to set up sprinkler systems and met with us when we ordered our appliances. Each time a contractor completed their job, Bob reviewed their work for craftsmanship and integrity, never once accepting anything short of the best.

Finally closing day came, which was not smooth on our end, but Bob was patient, worked with us and we closed the deal. At the end of the sale, to our surprise, Bob presented us with three items. The first was an accordion folder containing paint pallets, warranty information, contractor names and numbers, appliance information, and anything else about the house that a homeowner would need. Every single item with numbers or names was laminated and the entire folder was alphabetized; Bob’s trademark attention to detail. Second he gave us a picture frame with nine 4 by 6 photos of our house with the Coppertree logo on the bottom (pride in his work). Third, Bob gave us two cases of wine to get our “medieval cavern of wine” started (a pure class act). Our lawyer at closing was absolutely stunned. She had been to hundreds of closings and never seen anything as generous. The look on her face was “priceless”.

I cannot emphasize enough how important this purchase was to us, and how lucky we were to have the opportunity to meet Bob Gardner of Coppertree Homes. His attention to detail, focus on a positive customer experience, follow-up on questions, accessibility, and passion for a flawless home made our home buying experience a pleasure and turned our dream home into a reality. Thanks Bob!

I would invite anyone interested in purchasing a Coppertree home to speak with Bob and set up a time to talk with my wife and I about our experiences and to see our Bob Gardner built Coppertree home.

Proud Coppertree Homeowners
Roy & Shelley Best
CFO MBNA Practice Solutions

Terry Bigham

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done to help make our dream a reality. Angie and I are enjoying our home immensely. As you know, this is my 8th home. I have owned new houses in Texas, Missouri, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio. Working with you was without question the most pleasant experience of any builder I have dealt with. Your attention to detail on the whole project has been outstanding. We appreciate the fact you listened to our needs, made adjustments, and never tried to “nickel and dime” us for simple changes. Also, your follow-up with a one (1) week walk through and a one (1) month walk through to take care of small issues such a paint scratches, nail pops, yard issues, etc. has been fantastic. Your commitment to customer service is well appreciated and I look forward to seeing you on the six (6) month and one (1) year walk through. However, right now I don?t think you are going to have any work to do as everything is working great.

Lastly, I just wanted to tell you how proud of this house you should be. We have had a few parties already and the compliments we get seem to be never ending. People are really impressed with the woodwork (especially the kitchen ceiling), curved staircases, and the built-in desks you put in each bedroom. Also, we received compliments from two builders (across the street and next door). I would think getting kudos from your peers would be most impressive for you. They both talked about how “Bob puts a lot into his houses”. Angie and I are very happy to be your first customers and we look forward to watching your company grow into the vision that you have set for yourself.

Bob, best of luck and thanks for the great home!

Sincerely, Terry Bigham V.P. Red Bull North America, Inc.

Stephen G. Hirt

About a year and a half ago, my fiancée Rhonda burst through the doors of our home and exclaimed, “You have got to see this!” I had no idea what she was so excited about, but she had seen a new home while driving around and decided to go in to”Just take a look” and had immediately fallen in love with it.

After much coaxing , I decided to go and see this home for myself. I was certain she was exaggerating, and how wrong I had been! The “Wow!” factor definitely kicked in upon entering this gorgeous custom home. At that time, I met Bob Gardner, the builder and owner of Coppertree Homes. As I walked through the home, I was amazed to see that every attention to detail was clearly obvious, from the ceilings to the floors, and nothing had been overlooked. I had never been in a home that every detail had been attended to in such a manner, and I was not really one to be so impressed.

Bob went above and beyond the call of duty during our home building experience. After each phase was complete, Bob personally took plenty of time to walk through the home with us (usually spending two to three hours at a time), paying attention to each and every detail and addressing any concerns that arose. I cannot imagine any other custom homebuilder who would have taken the kind of quality time that Bob did with us, at our convenience.

Stephen G. Hirt

The Williams Family

Our family has built new homes in Ohio, Maryland and Florida. We recently relocated back to Ohio and strongly considered buying an existing home, in part, based on our prior dealings with home builders. At times, our prior experiences left us disappointed with the level of customer service and quality of craftsmanship.

We can’t begin to tell you how fortunate we are to have met Bob Gardner of Coppertree Homes and have him build our dream home. Working with Bob was the most enjoyable and satisfying experience. Bob’s passion for quality craftsmanship is apparent from the first time you meet him, while his zeal to build a flawless home is evident throughout each step of the design/build process. Bob and all of his contractors worked meticulously to ensure perfection in our home.

Similarly, Bob’s extraordinary customer service sets the standard in the residential building industry. Bob’s unprecedented commitment to his home buyers, as well as his devotion to quality craftsmanship leads to a predictable result; a thoughtfully designed home, built to perfection with unsurpassed customer service. Thank you Bob, for a wonderful experience and fabulous home.

The Williams Family