This list is brought to you by Coppertree Homes(, proudly serving the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas since 2004. If you’re looking to redo your bathroom, make sure you read this list before you decide on your custom home bathroom renovations.

Wall Wins

Do you want HGTV-worthy custom bathroom walls?

Wall Wins

Do you want HGTV-worthy custom bathroom walls? Refreshing walls is the fastest way to transform any room. Paint or wallpaper can quickly change the mood of your bathroom, and they are great for custom renovations. Check out this gallery ( from HGTV to get some wall renovation inspiration!


Fab Floors

If you’re going to do any floor renovations, don’t make the mistake of choosing extremely detailed or intricate flooring. The focal point of your bathroom should not be the floor; you want people to look at the room, not the ground! Here are some tips ( from HGTV to help you choose which floor is right for you. Choosing the right flooring is essential to your custom home bathroom renovation.


Fascinating Fixtures

When you’re picking out your new vanity, sink, and tub or shower, make sure that you chose your own fixtures! Fixtures may seem like a small detail, but they reap big benefits in the realm of custom home bathroom renovations. Fixtures are a small detail that will add big impact to the final look of your new bathroom. Read here( for more on fixtures from HGTV.


Memorable Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make small bathrooms look larger, and they are an instant bathroom pick-me-up for your home. If you want a truly individual custom home bathroom renovation, go for a unique and memorable mirror to add a touch of your own personal charm to the room. Check out this video from HGTV to learn everything you need to know about bathroom mirrors!


Need some more inspiration? Check out these custom home bathroom renovations ( on HGTV!


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