Why Is a Floor Plan Important in Building a House?

A house floor plan is essential to building a new home because it provides a bird's eye view of the project and helps you include all of the details into a 3D model before bringing it to life. A floor plan is only an architectural representation of a home's layout. It is scaled and depicts

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Best Tips for Building a Dream Home

Creating your perfect house is one of the most fun and vital tasks you could ever experience. Everybody has their ideal house, which can be tailored to your preferences, but how do you accomplish this huge task? While some homeowners are knowledgeable about the custom home building process, others may be completely new to this

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New Custom Home Build Completed- Bronze Beauty

Driven by Passion - Powered by Dreams Let Coppertree Homes Build Your Next Home! Connect With Us "Bronze Beauty" By Coppertree Homes - Custom Home Builders in Columbus The task was to complement this one-of-a-kind home site with a lovely design. A new home was

Roof Styles: How to Keep Costs Down in Your New Custom Home

Experts in home building and remodeling have different ways to save money on a self-build or restoration project. Nobody wants to invest more money than necessary to construct, repair, or expand their own house, and most people will be working on a strict budget. Here is some terrific professional advice from the field of home

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The Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Home

Home renovations can make almost any room in your house more attractive and functional. It can also increase the value of your home, especially if you focus on key sections like the kitchen, bathrooms, or outside areas. When you're excited about the idea of your home renovation, it's tempting to get right in without having

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The Difference Between Custom Home and Spec Home

It's difficult to decide which road to take when you're finally in a position to buy the home you've always wanted. Of course, the quickest approach to a new home is to buy someone else's house. Once the money is exchanged, and the paperwork is completed, you can move in and do whatever you want

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Another Completed Custom Built Home- “Beautiful Ranch in Plain City”

Driven by Passion - Powered by Dreams Let Coppertree Homes Build Your Next Home! Connect With Us "Beautiful Ranch In Plain City" By Coppertree Homes - Custom Home Builder in Columbus              This ranch home was a true collaboration with beloved clients! 

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