Columbus was formerly referred to as “cowtown,” but it has since developed into a state capital where regional companies may prosper. Many important industries, including technology, finance, and education, are now headquartered in Columbus.

The city is renowned for being an affordable place to live, with healthcare, utilities, and housing all 10% less expensive than the national average. Columbus continues to be a budget-friendly city despite having a wide range of neighborhoods, from the most rural to the most affluent urban areas, with median home values that are 18% lower than the national average.

Building your own home is becoming a more and more common way to become a homeowner for a good reason. Building your own house permits you the opportunity to design a space that satisfies your ideal needs and preferences and provides you with a more personalized homeownership experience.

However, you must thoroughly understand the costs of building a home in Ohio before you start building. We’ll walk you through the most crucial expenses and factors to consider when building a home in Ohio to get you started.

Ohio Building Costs for a Home

We’ve included a list of the major home construction expenses below to help you make sure your budget is as thorough as possible.

Calculating the Price

new home building calculationsIn Ohio, a newly constructed house might cost between $290,000 and $345,000. Naturally, this will change depending on the location, size, and extra features. In Ohio, homeowners can anticipate paying between $110 and $250 per square foot for brand-new single-family homes.


Contractors and supplies

Contractors and suppliesConstructing a house typically costs $135 or more per square foot. However, much like the average land cost, you should only use typical construction expenses as a general estimate for your budget for supplies and contractors.

After meeting with your building contractor, you’ll get a more thorough quotation for the price per square foot of construction. This price normally considers projected labor expenses, the complexity of the foundation and house structure, the amount of inside finishing needed, and the caliber of the outside materials.

Home Improvements

floor plan for houseYou may include more features in your house if you have a custom home constructed. It can raise your home’s value while increasing enjoyment, convenience, and relaxation. Remember that building these extra amenities can be expensive and may necessitate a lot of maintenance.

Given that home addition in Columbus can be expensive, it may be advantageous to consider this early in the pre-construction phase. This price estimate may rise as plans become more intricate and extensive, requiring more work and materials.

Permit costs

Before starting construction, Ohio home builders must acquire a minimum of three building permits: a septic permit, occupation permission, and a utility permit. The building permit price might range from $500 to $2,000, depending on the country’s rules. You will also need to pay for site inspection and utility connection fees if your land lot has never been built.

Site preparation

site preparations around the house

Homebuyers might need to put in a little extra work to get the lot ready for construction after securing the land and permits. Costs for site preparation typically range from $1,500 to $15,000. It includes surveyor costs, soil testing, grading, or site excavation. If your land requires considerable leveling, the expenses might fly.

Construction Advice for Ohio

A major step on the road to your ideal home is building a new home. Establish checkpoints and celebrate them. Keep these checkpoints in mind and easily build your house in Ohio. Engage your imagination as soon as you begin the process.

When you can unwind and relish each moment of the adventure, the process becomes much more enjoyable! However, as was already mentioned, several additional factors must consider before determining the exact cost of constructing a home in the area. Future homeowners must also consider the land’s costs, permits, design fees, and other expenses.

Contact Coppertree Homes today if you want to learn more about home construction for you and your family. Local real estate agents may also have access to special cost-saving land opportunities, making them an excellent resource when deciding where and how to build your home.


You might feel a little anxious when making such important life decisions. But if you can get past your fear and worry, Columbus can be where you build the house of your dreams. Coppetree Homes is here to make the experience one you will never forget.