Interested in building a custom home on your own lot ?

The Central Ohio Real Estate Market is HOT! Every day you hear stories of 3,6 even 10 offers on a home listed for sale – and sometimes even on the first day it was listed!! Many home buyers are a bit miffed at this, and begin to think about building their own home.  But that is a BIG process and having no one you can trust to turn to can be a terrible thing.

Welcome to Coppertree Homes.  We are Central Ohio’s Premier Home Builder.  We pride ourselves on making every new home build a wonderful experience for you, the home buyer.  How can we make such claims? Well, here are a few reasons why you should meet with us…


  • Custom Homes – We can have your home designed for YOU.  Every minute detail can and will be worked out with our experts – Whether they are in the planning, design or construction divisions – we all work together to deliver world class service
  • Experience- with well over 100 custom build homes in Central Ohio, we have the know how to get even the most discriminate home buyer the look and feel and conveniences you deserve and are accustomed to.
  • Elegance- There is not a home builder in Ohio that can provide you the elegance and class and high attention to detail that we do.  Our experts are proud of each and every home we build, and we want your home to be our next showcase!

So when you are ready to explore how you can own your own custom built home, on our properties or yours, then you owe it to yourself to call Coppertree Homes and set up a FREE CONSULTATION!!!