Imagine “It’s so good to be home!” is what you read when kicking your shoes off in your new Mudroom.


Given the harsh winters and wet springs, mudrooms are seeing a resurgence in popularity.

The mudroom is a place to transition from the outside to the inside. The idea is to create an organized place for hanging coats and bags, and removing those muddy shoes or organizing the children’s items as soon as you step in the door — and so they’ll be easy to grab when you’re ready to step back out the door.

Mudrooms need to be close to an exterior door or the garage. Otherwise, the purpose is defeated if you have to track your rain boots and wet umbrellas across the house.

Here are some essentials to a Mudroom that WORKS!


Add some cubbies for extra storage. This can be a perfect spot to store shoes, kids’ toys, or all of that ever-growing winter garb.


A bench where you can sit down and remove those dirty shoes, instead of trying to balance on one foot to do it.


Add some hooks for hanging coats or book bags.





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