There are several advantages to building a home as opposed to buying one that is already built. With a custom built home you get the house built to your specifications. The components usually incorporate the most modern design elements and all the features are new. Resale of a custom home is usually better since they are typically built in areas of expansion. Also, it can be personally gratifying to take such an active role in designing and building the home of your dreams. Finding a good home builder, though, can be tricky. There are several things to consider.

Where to Build

First, you need to decide on the type of home you want to build and the lot where it will be built. The type of land and area may be restrictive, so take that into consideration. At Coppertree Homes we will first sketch out a general drawing and then employs the help of an architect after which is beneficial in designing the home to your specifications. We ensure we are skilled in all aspects of home building including soil conditions and building codes.

What Type of Home Should You Build

Make sure your builder has experience or specializing in the type of home you want. Building types vary greatly and it makes no sense to use a builder specializing in log cabins to create your ultra modern home. We will provide you a list of past projects so you can look at what we have done in the past. Equally important is experience in the area where you want to build. If a builder is familiar with building in established developments but you want a home on your isolated tract of land, ensure they are aware of the environmental conditions to avoid pitfalls based on the soil or landscape.  Coppertree Homes will always take these standards into account when building you your custom home on any lot you choose.

What is the experience of the builder?

Check the references of the potential home builder. Past customers are an ideal way to determine if we do a good job. Ask them if the home was built to their specifications and everything is in proper working order. Ensure that the home builder has been in business for awhile with a solid reputation. Also, make sure they are financially sound. You don’t want your home builder going bankrupt mid project, leaving you with having to find someone to complete the project at a much greater price, do you?

What are the Timeframes?

Find out when they will be able to start the project and the estimated time of completion. Custom homes can take time to build so if you are in a hurry, there may need to be compromises in design elements. Get everything in writing – especially the warranty. Ensure the warranty is comprehensive and will cover all aspects of faulty construction for a period of time. It is rare to see potential issues in a new home within the first few days, so be sure the warranty will cover you for a significant time.

You will spend a lot of time with the home builder you choose, so be sure you are comfortable interacting with them. Building a home can be highly rewarding and a lucrative investment. Taking time to choose the right home builder for your needs will save time and frustration; allowing you to more fully enjoy your new home.

Big Enough To Matter. Small Enough To Care

We are a boutique custom home builder with a business model set to complete about 16 homes per year. By limiting the number of homes we build annually, we can give the attention to our customers that they expect and deserve. We only build what we can effectively manage to the highest standards. This fresh approach is not typical, as builders most often fall into a category of only building 1-2 homes per year or 50+. We believe that we are brilliantly structured for the “sweet sixteen”.

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